Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Positioning Teachers as Caregivers

The article by Corinne McKamey, Uncovering and Managing Unconscious Ways of "looking" was very long, but after reading it, my thought was it was interesting. I broke down the article and the section that stood out to me the most was positioning teachers as caregivers. Within this section it explains how professors have more of a role then just teaching a student. This can extend to anyone who plays a role in a child's life, like myself. I am a pass worker and work one on one with a 13 year old child. My job is to work with this child on his goals on a professional level, but I often find myself feeling like his mother. I go above and beyond my task as a PASS worker and even wait to eat lunch, so I can eat with him, which is crazy to some people.Within the article it said, Mckamey didn't felt like the teacher didn't "care for Asha." I asked myself what is care? I believe caring has multiple meanings, and could be used multiple ways within a field. Personally, in my position now, I feel like I care as a professional, but also as if it were my own child, which most might not. I have a very motherly presents, and this is reflected in my work. Lastly, I wanted to mention McKamey talked about meditating. It helps her few multiple ways of the world. I feel this way about caring. I wan to make sure people care about my children when I have them, and care enough to give them the best, because that is what I do.