Thursday, October 3, 2013

Last Week's Assignment

Hello Bloggers,

Last week we had the assignment to look at a video and write about it but I, as some other students was confused. Instead I was given the chance to write about Friday's class. We spoke about the three types of ways to approach Youth Development; Risk, Resiliency and Prevention, Positive Youth Development, and lastly my favorite Critical Youth Development. I like Critical Youth Development because its me. When I think of youth, I think of them teaching me, and me teaching them. I think us adults falling into us being adult so we are wiser. I was not crazy about the Risk, Resiliency, and Prevention because I feel like all Youth should benefit from after school programs, and such, even if they don't fall under a statistic. I think all youth have a story, they all should be heard and they all should be given the opportunity to express themselves.

-Mairim P.

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